General Meeting 2022

Wolnzach/Hüll, March 24, 2022 The general meeting of the Society for Hop Research e.V. (GfH) traditionally took place at the start of the new hop season on March 24, 2022 at the German Hop Museum, Wolnzach.

In his report, Dr. Michael Möller, Chairman of the GfH Board of Directors, presented in particular the research projects financed by the GfH, which were carried out in close cooperation with the State Institute for Agriculture at the Hop Research Center in Hüll. Following on from the joint efforts of the hop and brewing industries to focus on sustainability issues in the reorientation of hop cultivation and to implement them in practice, Dr. Möller emphasized the importance and topicality of the work at the Hüll Research and Service Center.

Against the backdrop of advancing climate change, Dr. Möller praised the successes in the breeding research work area. “With the new aroma variety TANGO and the market launch of the high-alpha variety TITAN planned for 2023, modern hops geared to sustainability are available to the market,” Dr. Möller said.  He thanks all breweries that are actively participating in the reorientation of hop cultivation with brew trials and the substitution of “old” hop varieties in beer recipes. Only in this way can the breeding progress achieved in the form of climate-tolerant, healthier and more efficient hop varieties take effect and sustainability be lived from the field to the glass.


Dr. Möller used the well-attended general meeting to bid farewell to Dr. Elisabeth Seigner, who headed the breeding research department at the LfL for over 25 years. He paid tribute to Dr. Seigner’s dedicated and successful work and underlined the high esteem in which her research results are held, also internationally. “Dr. Seigner had contributed significantly to the outstanding position and international recognition of the Hop Research Center!” said Dr. Möller.

Dr. Möller also bid farewell to Mr. Otmar Weingarten, attorney-at-law, who had always supported and promoted the interests of the GfH in a spirit of partnership for over 30 years as managing director of the Hop Growers Association.