I.H.G.C. list of international hop varieties

The Scientific-Technical Commission is annually compiling and updating the I.H.G.C. list of international hop varieties produced in each hop-growing nation. This official variety list of the I.H.G.C. is intended as an aid for the official certification procedure and shall provide an up-to-date overview of the increasingly confusing and highly dynamic field of international hop variety diversity. Usually, it is published every year briefly prior to the BrauBeviale trade fair in Nuremberg in November.

The list has expanded again and now includes 308 different entries of varieties that were grown with commercial intent somewhere on Earth in 2022. All of them also bear a valid name and have a unique three-character code. The 2022 list includes the following new names: Patagonia H-OPI, Patagonia Passion (both AR), Ceres, Eris, Juno, Jupiter, Most, Pluto, Saturn (all CZ), Amira, Lilly (both DE) and Helios and Vista (both US). Bouclier (FR) and Cerera (SI) were cancelled as there is no economic production of the varieties anymore. The US variety Pahto® Brand will in future be listed under the designation ‘HBC 682’, but the previous code PAH will be retained.

A special case is “CTZ”, whereby this long-established term has now been added as a separate entry with the same code at the suggestion of the Hop Growers of America. The possibility of officially using the synonym “CTZ” corresponds to the current actual use in the USA, but also in Germany and elsewhere. The three genetically (almost) identical varieties Columbus, Tomahawk and Zeus are synonymous with “CTZ”, but will be kept as individual entries together with their individual codes for the time being.

The version published here represents the final 2022 list as adopted by the IHGC Executive Committee on 4th November 2022. The next update of the international hop variety list will be published in November 2023.

For the Scientific-Technical Commission, I.H.G.G.: Dr. Florian Weihrauch

IHGC hop variety list 2022_final