Hops as an Ornamental Plant

Climbing artist hops – the right choice in the garden

The right variety
Hop is not only in demand in agriculture, the plant can even be used for greening unattractive, shady or semi-shady corners in the garden.
Varieties, like for example “Hallertauer Tradition”, grow up to 8 meters. A good alternative for the own garden is, for example, the variety “Gimmli” that can grow up to 3 meters.

The location
The plant prefers a nutritious and loose soil and can be planted in spring or autumn. Hops can also be cultivated in plant containers, please take care for a potting soil of high quality.
As a climbing artist, the hemp plant needs a stable support, like for example
– cord
– wire
– wooden-, metal bar oder -railings

If the hop vines should not be harvested, they have to be cuted back in November. If, like in agriculture, the hop vines are harvested and removed completely, they should not be cuted back at the lowest point in order to give the plant the chance to store nutrients.
Hops “has to feel the cold”. Please take care to overwinter the plant containers outside the house, protected by a bundle of sticks or straw. In the open land, hops has not to be protected.

Hop chaplets and co.
Hop chaplets or other “little jewels” made of hops are always an eye catcher or a nice gift. During harvest, the hop products can be bought in the market gardens or on the farms in the growing areas. With some skill and the necessary material, the chaplets can be made quite easily by yourself.

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