Hop Quality and Analytics

Dr. Klaus Kammhuber &  Team
  • Analytics of all important hop contents with regard to brewing quality and alternative applications
  • Development and use of efficiant technologies (HPLC, GC, NIRS, spectophotometry) for analysing essential oils, bitter acids and polyphenols
  • Analysis and valuation of breewing quality of breeding lines before brewing trials (for example TUM Braufakultät, Versuchsbrauerei St. Johann, Brauschule München,…)

Research focuses are, for example:

  • Implementation of all analytics of the work groups in the working area hops, especially of hop breeding
  • Develoment of aroma analytics with the help of gas chromatography- mass sprectroscopy
  • Development of analytics methods für hop polyphenols
  • Analytics for work group IPZ 3d medicinal and aromatic plants

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