Research for hops…

…because the ensurance of raw material supply for the brewery industry and the future of German hop farms are of prime importance.


Bavarian State Medal for Dr. Johann Pichlmaier


Dr. Johann Pichlmaier, long-standing member of the Managing Committee of the Society of Hop Research, has been awarded the silver Bavarian State Medal by the Bavarian Minister of Agriculture Michaela Kaniber.

New Hüller Aroma Varieties resist the hot summer 2018


The balance of the hop harvest 2018 is below average.

Society of Hop Research with new communications campaign


In November 2018 the Society of Hop Research will be presenting itself in a new look.

Miracle Hops

On average, hop grows 10 centimeters a day.
Under favourable conditions it can even grow 35 centimeters a day!

Miracle Hops 2

1516 – the year of the purity law!
Before its issue in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt, beer had even been spiced, with henbane, roots, soot or chips.

Miracle Hops 2

On one hectare hop, 3600 up to 4500 hop plants are grown on average that can be left in the ground for approximately 50 years.

Miracle Hops 2

Until harvest at the end of August, one vine takes 5000 up to 10000 cones.